How, When and Where Mold Occurs

Mold is actually a part of the plant species.  Similarly to other allergens, it releases mold spores that can cause allergic reactions leading to health care concerns or symptoms that may mimic a [...]

Cleaning Up Former Meth Labs

While many people would not want to be involved with harmful narcotics, there are others who want to help prevent illness and injury from toxic areas. So they clean up former meth labs after law [...]

Silica Dust Removal

Silica is the most abundant element on the earth’s crust. It is commonly available as silicon dioxide, which can be either crystalline or non-crystalline. Non-crystalline silica, otherwise known [...]

The Dangers of Trauma Cleanup

Trauma cleanup refers to the process of cleaning perilous materials resulting from the crime scene. It should be done immediately and handled by people with the adequate knowledge.