Tips for Hoarding Cleanup

Compulsive hoarding is a behavior characterized by excessive amounts of objects that cover the living areas of the home. Hoarding can be the result of various mental disorders and the cleanup tasks associated with dealing with hoarders can be very unpleasant. It is important for cleaners entering a suspected hoard to keep the following tips in mind for their own personal safety and protection.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is very important for cleaners to come equipped with hazardous cleanup necessities including face masks and gloves. Working in these sorts of environments can expose a cleaner to various bacterial and fungal issues that they may not discover until it’s too late. PPE should be replaced at regular intervals when using disposable kit, and repeat-use materials should be washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions at the end of the working day.

Ask for Help

A hoard is a physically laborious job that is often too difficult for one person to handle on their own. A team of cleaners is the ideal option when dealing with a suspected hoarder. In addition to this, cleaners should be prepared to seek the help of mental health professionals as separating the hoarder from their items could be distressing.

Recruit Biohazard Professionals

When basic PPE provisions aren’t enough then cleaners should request assistance from biohazard professionals who specialize in this area of cleaning. The additional equipment and assistance will go a long way in preventing the spread of unnecessary diseases that are the result of highly neglected homes.

This needn’t be a dangerous task for any professional cleaner. Ensuring safety will ensure another working day tomorrow!

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