Finding mold in your home or business is frustrating at best, and at worst can cause serious health problems for your family and employees.

How do you know if you have a mold problem?

Mold can be sneaky. While mold can be very obvious, it often starts as nothing more than a simple discoloration of walls or ceilings. There are several common issues that point towards a mold problem:

  • Discolored walls or ceilings
  • Visible mold growth
  • A musty, earthy smell, or other bad smell.
  • Water damage in the building

But mold isn’t always discovered because it’s seen. Sometimes, homeowners don’t realize there’s mold until members of the household begin feeling sick and having symptoms such as:

  • Runny, stuffy noses
  • Wheezing
  • Breathing problems (especially in asthma or allergy sufferers)
  • Sneezing
  • Skin irritation

These can lead to allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even lung infections. If your immune system is suppressed for any reason, mold can cause even worse issues.

Always call a professional!

While some property owners will try to treat the mold with household cleaning products or spray bleach, this treatment will often cause mold to spread faster. It’s important to call a certified mold removal specialist immediately to keep the damage to a minimum.

Our certified Jenkins Environmental technicians bring in specialized equipment that contain and remove any spores from the air. We will also identify any surfaces that have been affected by the mold and treat them with industrial strength antifungal and antimicrobial products. In addition to treating the affected surfaces, we identify and remove anything that we cannot completely remove mold from.

What can you do until help arrives?

That’s not to say you’re completely helpless until your technician arrives. There are a few tips that can help minimize the spread of mold until it can be removed.

  • Turn off your air conditioner or heater
  • Stop any fans running in the house
  • Stay away from the affected area to avoid spreading spores on clothing or body

Jenkins Environmental Services Technicians are IICRC certified, IEP Certified, and have received hours of training in specific procedures for mold remediation.

The goal of a mold remediation plan is to completely satisfy the requirements of a credentialed cleaning standard then pass any corresponding clearance test. Jenkins Environmental’s objective is to remove the source as well as active growth and to manage and reduce any spore count.

Our primary goal is to protect you from the risks mold can pose and make your building a safe place to live or work.

Our sister company Jenkins Restorations can help prevent mold damage by replacing drywall and performing structural repairs
after water damage.

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