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Mold Remediation

Finding mold in your home or business is frustrating at best, and at worst can cause serious health problems for your family and employees.

Mold is already a concern among homeowners. But it only gets worse when you’re dealing with an unknown source of the mold. Mold remediation services from Jenkins environmental are designed to identify the problem quickly so you can get your home back to normal, without worrying about costly rebuilds or any negative health effects. We offer fast, effective solutions for eliminating mold and preventing future mold growth in your home that require less work on your end.

If you smell an odor or see mold in your home, it is time to take action. While some mold is unavoidable, an overgrowth of mold can lead to serious issues. Mold exposure can cause a variety of health problems, like asthma, recurring sinus infections, and other illnesses. Mold can spread quickly if it is left untreated, so it’s important to get it treated before it’s too late.

What is Mold? Is it Dangerous?

Mold is a type of fungus that grows in multicellular structures called hyphae. These fungal colonies produce the mold spores which can be found indoors and outdoors, though these microscopic organisms need moisture to grow- something like refrigerators or shower rooms often have more than enough for it! Besides producing common things such as medicine (namely penicillin), some species actually cause illness when they’re inhaled because these molds release toxins into one’s system causing pain at first then leading towards lung issues if left untreated.

There are two dangers to mold growth in or around your property. First, when mold begins to grow, it feeds on the materials it is growing on, leading to irreversible damage. Second, mold can cause a number of illnesses by releasing small particles and byproducts into the air, which can irritate or be the cause of many illnesses. Respiratory issues can be caused if these are breathed in. Black mold is a form of mold that can be found in properties that can lead to problems.

Mold Solutions

We are proud to offer comprehensive mold solutions to address all your mold-related concerns. With our experienced team and advanced equipment, we tackle the root cause of mold growth and prevent spores from spreading. From mold inspection and removal to implementing effective prevention measures, we strive to create a healthier and mold-free living environment for you.

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we are committed to delivering reliable and efficient mold solutions. Say goodbye to mold worries and trust us to provide the best possible service for your home or business. Experience the difference with our professional mold solutions today.

Mold Clean Up

Mold is a major problem for homeowners and businesses alike. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also cause serious health problems. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable mold clean up company like Jenkins Environmental on your side. We have the experience and expertise to get rid of mold quickly and safely.

How do you know if you have a mold problem?

The most obvious sign of mold is its presence. You may also be able to smell the mold in the air. If there is visible mold present, this should not go unnoticed. However, even if no signs of mold are apparent, it may still be present. This means that while you might not notice anything wrong, the mold could potentially be affecting your family members’ health. It is also possible that the mold has been around longer than you think.

What Does Mold Look Like?

Mold can be sneaky. While mold can be very obvious, it often starts as nothing more than a simple discoloration of walls or ceilings. There are several common issues that point towards a mold problem:

  • Discolored walls or ceilings
  • Visible mold growth
  • A musty, earthy smell, or other bad smell.
  • Water damage in the building

These can lead to allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even lung infections. If your immune system is suppressed for any reason, mold can cause even worse issues.

What Does Mold Smell Like?

The musty scent of mold is one that many people describe as “musty”. It’s an outdated, stale and damp odor which lingers in the air. The first clue to its presence could be detected within 24 hours if conditions are right; however this may take longer than normal because even though these spores can form quickly, they usually require some type or medium for growth.

When this happens, you need to locate the root of the scent and eliminate it. The quicker mold is removed, the less time it has to spread. The mold can be harmful to your health, depending on the type that is growing. Those with asthma, allergies, or compromised immune systems are at higher risk of contracting mold, so when you smell something musty, find the source as soon as possible!

Always call a professional!

Can I Remove Mold Myself?

While some property owners will try to treat the mold with household cleaning products or spray bleach, this treatment will often cause mold to spread faster. It’s important to call a certified mold removal specialist immediately to keep the damage to a minimum.

Our certified Jenkins Environmental technicians bring in specialized equipment that contain and remove any spores from the air. We will also identify any surfaces that have been affected by the mold and treat them with industrial strength antifungal and antimicrobial products. In addition to treating the affected surfaces, we identify and remove anything that we cannot completely remove mold from.

Water Damage and Mold Repair

One of the leading causes of mold growth is improper water damage Cleanup. If you have experienced mold due to a flood, sewer backup, or appliance failure, call the mold remediation experts at Jenkins Environmental. Our team will extract the mold and keep the air in your home healthy

What can you do until help arrives?

That’s not to say you’re completely helpless until your technician arrives. There are a few tips that can help minimize the spread of mold until it can be removed.

  • Turn off your air conditioner or heater
  • Stop any fans running in the house
  • Stay away from the affected area to avoid spreading spores on clothing or body

Jenkins Environmental Services Technicians are IICRC certified, IEP Certified, and have received hours of training in specific procedures for mold remediation.

The goal of a mold remediation plan is to completely satisfy the requirements of a credentialed cleaning standard then pass any corresponding clearance test. Jenkins Environmental’s objective is to remove the source as well as active growth and to manage and reduce any spore count.

Our primary goal is to protect you from the risks mold can pose and make your building a safe place to live or work.

Our sister company Jenkins Restorations can help prevent mold damage by replacing drywall and performing structural repairs
after water damage.

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