Cleaning Up Former Meth Labs

Methamphetamine, popularly known as meth, is a highly addictive stimulant. Meth causes reduced appetite, general body weakness, high blood pressure, and high and irregular heart rate. It can cause seizure-like effects on addicts and meth overdoses can easily result in death.

While many people would not want to be involved with harmful narcotics, there are others who want to help prevent illness and injury from toxic areas. So they clean up former meth labs after law enforcement agencies have found them and closed them down.

What Happens in a Meth Lab?

In a meth lab, people use toxic chemicals such as brake fluid, lighter fluid, or drain cleaner to make the drug. These are dangerous chemicals, whose residues after the process will contaminate the whole lab. All the plumbing, carpeting, walls, and vents will be contaminated, and the building will be literally unusable even after the processing has stopped.

Entering into such a place would be spelling doom for your lungs. After the lab has been busted and stopped, authorities will need to have the place cleaned up so that the contamination does not spread to the surrounding areas. That’s where people like us step into help.

Meth Lab Cleaning

Obviously you’ll need to have protective gear to keep yourself safe. The walls and all other surfaces will need to be scrubbed and power washed. Carpets should be torn up and replaced. The plumbing systems will also need to be replaced.

The first step to cleaning a former meth lab is ensuring there is as much aeration as possible. The first teams to arrive are professionals who are experienced with handling toxic chemicals. The law enforcement agencies will always coordinate these initial efforts to ensure toxic bulk chemicals and waste are removed. The property will often be locked up after the chemicals have been removed.

Cleaning contractors are called afterwards to clean up the place. The initial aeration by toxic waste professional might not have been enough, so you should let the space air out for a couple of days before going in. Ensure there’s proper ventilation and that you have all the necessary protective gear as you clean.

Why Hire a Professional?

The potential for illness and injury by toxic waste is always a danger. So if your property has been contaminated by a meth lab, it’s important to get a professional crew to clean up the area to keep yourself and those around you safe!

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