The Dangers of Trauma Cleanup

Trauma Cleanup and the Dangers Posed by the Affected Environment

Trauma cleanup which is also known as bio-hazard cleanup refers to the process of cleaning perilous materials resulting from the crime scene. This crime scene can refer to suicide or homicide or may also refer to the cleanup of anthrax or met lab exposure. Another perfect example of the trauma cleanup involves animal hoarding. These scenes are not intended for the weak hearts; this is a dangerous place. The blood spilled on the floor can be a possible carrier of pathogens such as influenza, hepatitis, and AIDS which is why you need to leave this task at the hand of the experts.

The Dangers of the Crime Scene

After a traumatic incident, the last thing that the family wants is to clean the blood themselves. The cleanup should be done immediately and should only be handled by people with the adequate knowledge to ensure that they are in compliance with the safety standards.


One of the main dangers in cleaning the blood of the victim is the possible contract with the pathogens. You need to remember that the blood can transmit fatal and serious disease. For instance, a blood that contains pathogens such as HBV, HCV, and HIV may lead to the transmission of the virus. To make sure that you will be able to avoid contacting the pathogens, hire the service of the trauma cleanup company like Jenkins Environmental Services.

Diluted Contaminants

Another reason on why you need to hire the service of the professional trauma cleanup company is to avoid the dangers of the diluted contaminants. Those who choose to clean the blood themselves without any professional background will probably end up spreading the contaminants. In order to have a complete peace of mind, hire a professional that will successfully eliminate these blood contaminants.

Ineffective Trauma Cleanup

Blood can leave lingering scent and stain in case it is not properly cleaned with the right tools and techniques. The sight of stain and the pungent smell of blood can make it harder for the family to move on with their life. Hiring the service of the professional can assure you that every single trace of the blood will be removed. Furthermore, you can also guarantee that they will only be utilizing safe cleaning materials which will not expose you to further troubles and health risk. They will use hospital-grade cleaning products in order to eliminate the stain of blood on the surface.

The professional team working at Jenkins Environmental Services will take the burden of proper trauma cleaning away from you. Our experts offer a specialized service that is in compliance with the existing regulation, standard and law of the state and federal. We also utilize only the propriety cleaning solutions that is intended only on this kind of work.


If you need Trauma Cleanup team, Jenkins Environmental Services can help.

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