How To Respond To a Coronavirus Exposure

The world has recently adopted a practice of evasive action in response to COVID-19 exposure through social distancing. We see the sobering aftermath of a changed marketplace every day. Citizens are required to wear masks and give questioning glances at every cough. Grocery stores are covered in brightly colored stickers on the floor directing people where to walk and stand to be socially distanced.

These are bare minimum proactive practices limiting exposures to COVID-19. Commercial entities are tasked with the responsibility of being proactive and removing the threat of Coronavirus exposure.

Responding to a COVID-19 exposure requires commercial decontamination. This includes a thorough cleaning of hard surfaces, soft surfaces, electronics, outdoor areas, and everything seen and unseen. Commercial decontamination requires wearing protective gear that has proven to be of paramount importance to keep the exposure isolated.

When an exposure has occurred, many people immediately panic. COVID-19 has been terrifying people around the world and it’s frightening when you discover it in your personal circle. This is where a COVID-19 disinfection service is essential to help disinfect and decontaminate your business.

Your customers must be able to trust that they can enter your business knowing that they’re as safe as possible. So, how do you prevent further spread after an exposure?

Responding To Coronavirus Exposure

Coronavirus moves rapidly. It is critical that your business implements a response plan that provides guidelines in dealing with exposure. Businesses should be equally invested in both a disinfection plan as well as a preventative plan. If an employee has been exposed to COVID-19, these initial steps should be taken immediately.

  • Have your employee(s) get a COVID-19 test, even if they have not been showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • While waiting for the test result, your employees should begin to quarantine for at least 14 days
  • Section off areas where the person or people with COVID-19 was sick and things they may have touched
  • Open doors and windows to increase circulation in the building, for best results, wait 24 hours before disinfecting the area
  • Turn off ceiling fans to prevent spreading contamination
  • Hire a Commercial Disinfection company to sanitize and disinfect

Disinfecting the Space

Once the Coronavirus exposure area has been sectioned off and contained for 24 hours, it is time to start cleaning and disinfecting. Commercial disinfection services ensure that the exposed area is properly disinfected to eliminate future exposure. These services include:

  • Applying high-level disinfectants to all hard surface areas including desks and counter tops
  • Ensuring proper ventilation
  • Hazmat protective gear
  • Disinfection of all soft surfaces such as carpets, rugs, couches
  • Disinfection of all restroom areas

Proactive Ways to Combat Contamination and Infection

Make sure you disinfect your hands regularlyWhile an outbreak can happen at any time, there are ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you’re following CDC Guidance with the following proper precautions:

  • Thoroughly washing your hands for at least fifteen seconds, and doing so often.
  • Cover your face with a health care grade surgical mask, cloth face coverings, scarf, or shield whenever you are in a public place.
  • Avoid close contact with strangers where possible
  • Applying hand sanitizer immediately after touching a public service such as a door, or check out kiosk
  • Wiping down all public use areas regularly
  • Wearing gloves when interacting with the public

Putting these preventative measures in place at your business can help minimize the risk of Coronavirus exposure.

Securing Future Community Health

As a population, the playing field has dramatically changed. The safety and health of the community relies on the efforts of businesses to keep employees and customers safe. Jenkins Environmental decontamination services act as a barrier against an unprecedented threat.

Security and well being in the workplace is vital now, more than ever before. An unsafe public workplace can affect the greater business community, and even the local economy. When looking into a COVID-19 exposure program, look for a company that has experience handling decontamination pre-Coronavirus. Jenkins Environment Services is an experienced company you can trust to get the job done right, when you need it most.

Get a comprehensive checklist of high touch areas to clean in your office!

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