Jenkins Environmental Services - Rockville, Maryland

Jenkins Environmental handles the complicated facets of restoring properties suffering environmental damages. We handle specialty projects such as Mold RemediationBiohazard RecoveryCrime Scene Cleanup, and Trauma Cleanup and provide the highest quality of safe, timely and efficient in-house environmental services.

Rockville, Maryland
7670 Standish Place,
Rockville, MD 20855
888-777-9742 (toll-free)


Guild Quality Logo Rockville

“I had a great experience. They presented me with the work that needed to be done and competed it in a timely and professional manner.”

Montez Anderson, Washington, DC

“I would like to recognize excellence in Nathan. He was exceptional. I do not feel they fell short of my expectations at all, and I was most satisfied with the customer service and the final product they produced.”

Davis Freeman, Fort Washington, MD


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