Construction Accidents and Trauma Cleanup

Accidents can happen anywhere. People working in the construction industry specifically are faced with some of the most dangerous working conditions in any industry. Daily, they face the potential for deadly falls, electric shock, tool accidents, or toxic fumes.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) helps businesses protect their employees and reduce the number of workplace injuries and illnesses through specific regulations. Despite these regulations of course, accidents still happen.

The scene that remains after a serious accident like this can be a traumatic one. Even once the chaos has settled and the last ambulance has driven away, construction managers are often left with a big question: How do we clean this up? 

Starting Cleanup

Attempting to clean up the scene of a major construction accident can be intimidating, and for good reason. Exposing yourself to bodily fluids of all kinds can be extremely dangerous. You never know what illnesses and diseases the person may have, and exposing yourself – or your staff- to said fluids can cause them to get incurable illnesses.

Companies may rely on basic janitorial staff to clean up such situations, but most of these staff members aren’t trained in proper hazardous waste removal techniques. They simply do not have the know-how to properly clean and sanitize construction scene accidents like the professionals at Jenkins Environmental Services.

Why Should You Choose Professionals In This Situation

Blood and Biological Fluid Cleanup is a technical job that requires trained professionals, particularly in the workplace or a regulated environment such as a school or municipal building. Jenkins Environmental Services follows the stringent guidelines established by OSHA, DOT, EPA, and both local and state government agencies.

Some pathogens can remain present in blood for up to 14 days. While personal protective equipment like suits, gloves, and masks can help protect the individual responsible for cleaning up the blood, but only a professional knows when all the blood has been removed.

The professionals at Jenkins Environmental Services will utilize modern techniques, chemicals and equipment to clean, decontaminate and deodorize your property so that in can be returned to a healthy, clean and safe environment.


If you need a Trauma Cleanup team, Jenkins Environmental Services can help.

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