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Mold Removal and Remediation in Dallas- Ft. Worth, TX

If you’ve found mold in your home, give us a call for your no-obligation, free quote mold remediation and make your home safe again for you and your family.

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Proper Mold Remediation

Mold can potentially lead to negative effects on your health and it is best to have the mold removal and remediation process done professionally. There are several common issues that point towards a mold problem:

  • Discolored walls or ceilings
  • Visible mold growth
  • A musty, earthy smell, or other bad smell.
  • Water damage in the building

WARNING: Don’t disturb the mold!

The absolute worst thing you can do it attempt to remove the mold with DIY methods. This can often cause the mold the spread which increases the cost to have the mold removed professionally. Leave it alone, call us and we’ll show you how affordably you can have the mold removed. Wouldn’t you sleep better at night knowing the mold has been removed professionally and your family is safe from breathing in toxic mold spores? Call the professional team at Jenkins Environmental and let us show you how affordable mold removal can be. The sooner we get to your house, the sooner the mold can be removed and remediated.

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