Forensic Cleaning - Columbia, South Carolina

When you need forensic cleanup services, our trained and certified technicians are here to provide skilled services, compassion, and guidance. All of our technicians are highly trained and certified to restore any scene or structure to a safe state.

Whether you need assistance with a homicide scene, a hoarder situation, or an auto accident, all of our technicians undergo sensitivity training and are briefed on each case to provide for all of your needs. And, you can count on a dedicated project manager who is there to assist you with any needs as they arise.

Columbia, South Carolina

6904 North Main Street, Suite 108

Columbia, SC 29203

888-450-6580 (toll-free)



Guild Quality Logo Columbia

“Ahead of schedule and within a week after a hurricane, they came in and did a beautiful job. They did a fantastic job of clean up and were extra careful not to leave nails and scraps in my neighbor’s yard or on their roof.”

C.T.R., Columbia, SC


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