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Jenkins Environmental handles the complicated details of restoring properties suffering environmental damages. Utilizing trained staff with certified & proven remediation techniques, Jenkins Environmental provides the highest quality of safe, timely and efficient in-house environmental services.

Jenkins Environmental Mold Remediation


Mold is not necessarily our enemy. It is nature’s mechanism that breaks down organic material so it can be used and absorbed elsewhere. Many molds are useful to us such as those used to process certain cheeses, develop antibiotics and more.

The problem arises when we find excessive mold growth in our indoor environment as a result of water infiltration, damaged materials and elapsed time.

The goal of a proper mold remediation plan is to completely satisfy the requirements of a credentialed cleaning standard then pass any corresponding clearance test. Jenkins Environmental’s objective is to remove the source/active growth and to manage and reduce any spore count.

Although there are few federal or state laws that regulate mold remediation, there are many credentialing bodies and guidelines. Among these is the IICRC, a leader in credentialing. The IICRC S520, EPA Mold in Schools and Commercial Buildings, and New York City Department of Health guidelines stand out as guiding documents in mold remediation standards.

Jenkins Environmental Services Technicians are IICRC certified and have received hours of training in specific procedures for Mold Remediation.

If you’ve discovered mold in your home or business, contact us today.

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“Very positive experience! The whole team was good, and I was satisfied in the safety precautions that were taken. Great company!”

Marsha and Andrew Campbell


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